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The Dream

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So like many people, I have had several dreams in life.  A goal so massive that it requires other people’s help to accomplish.  I like to think that aspirations like these are best shared with others.  My dream was to help people achieve freedom with food.

Food is control; food is freedom.  If you are dependent on other people or a third party to satisfy your food needs you will not have the same level of freedom as someone that produces a majority of their own food.  I don’t believe we can be 100% self-sustaining with all our food needs, but I think we can get close. Especially building community around food production.  When you can produce your own meat, fruit and vegetables you control how they are grown and thus you control what goes into your body.  You also gain the freedom to have more influence on your quality of life.  Now imagine doing this for a living and building a successful business at the same time.  That’s not necessarily the dream for me, but helping others is.

Not everyone has the monetary resources to purchase 20 acres of land and fast track a food production business.  That’s where my dream comes in.  I wanted to create a company that purchases land, helps make permanent improvements, leases it out and aids in successful business development.  I needed to prove the model first.  I made two companies, bought 20 acres and started the process at the beginning of this year.

The first company is the investment company that purchased the 20 acres.  It’s main responsibility is to ensure any permanent needs are met: water, septic, electricity, buildings, fencing and access.  So the actual electrical service is the responsibility of the lessee, but setting up the service is the first company’s job.  All expenses are metered out based on depreciation schedule based on IRS standards (more on this later).  Any expenses generated from the initial setup are calculated in the lease payment.  All business is conducted above board with transparency to taxing agencies.

The second company leases the land from the first company.  This company is responsible for anything temporary or anything that could be moved to another piece of land.  Animals, feed, cages, temporary fencing, electrical service, trash service, internet, etc. is their obligation to meet.  This company uses the land and available resources to build a profitable food production business.

The investment company aids the food production company with loans, a comforatble lease payment schedule, business and marketing training and possibly even leasing equipment.  At the end of three or four years, the food production company gets first right of refusal to purchase the land.  The investment company gets fair market value for the land and moves on to another of the same project.

So the idea here, as I stated earlier, is to prove the model.  Thus was born Food is Freedom Investments and Bountiful Acres.  I own both companies and my goal is to get a food production business up and running with enough money tracked and saved to buy the farm from the investment company.  This all started in January of 2016.  Come and watch the progress at



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